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The Morning Briefing: Weird—I Did Have ‘RFK Jr Brain Worm’ on My Bingo Card


Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Zaorynchyk was as surprised as anyone by the success of his handcrafted Ross Perot Pez dispensers.

Before we get to today’s “news,” I wanted to point out that the KRUISERMB promo code for VIP subscriptions is now good for 50% off. At this price, you can afford to become part of our VIP Gold family and join me and Stephen Green for the “Five O’Clock Somewhere” Fourth Anniversary Extravaganza live chat on May 17. We’ll have Townhall Media luminaries like Ed Morrissey, Cam Edwards, Larry O’Connor, and our boss Paula Bolyard popping in to say hello. That’s just to name a few. The chat began during the early days of the pandemic. We were asked to do it for a few weeks until all of our curves had been flattened. It was such a good time that we just kept it rolling.

It’s going to be a party. Stephen and I have reputations to keep on brand, after all.

By now, most regular readers here are aware of how thrilled I am when anything outside the ordinary presents itself in any given news cycle. Usually, that means just a slight deviation from global wars, the southern border invasion, and the president who spends his day drooling on his Legos while he brings about the demise of the Republic.

Every once in a great while, the universe obliges with something grand.

We have all acknowledged that 2024 is already one of the weirdest presidential elections in modern times, and it’s only going to get weirder. A great example of that is the fact that a Kennedy is running, and the Democrats hate him. That would be the same party that gave Ted Kennedy a free pass after he left a staffer to drown, then went back to his hotel to have a cocktail and a shower before notifying the police. He became known as “The Lion of the Senate” after that.

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