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The Numbers Don’t Lie: NYC Antisemitic Hate Crimes Shot Up 214 Percent in October

By Bob Hoge


Antisemitism is on the rise around the world and in the United States, and new numbers out of New York City show that Jewish people are increasingly the target of hate crimes in the Big Apple. Statistics released Wednesday by the NYPD show that in October 2022, there were 22 anti-Jewish incidents, but in October of 2023, that number surged to 69, an increase of 214 percent.

Although these numbers might not seem huge, note what RedState’s Brandon Morse wrote in 2020: “The amount of antisemitic hate crime in New York is off the charts compared to the frequency of others.”

In addition, it’s highly likely that many, many more incidents of antisemitism are simply not being reported. Pro-Hamas graffiti and vandalism have been rampant since Hamas carried out the October 7 terror attacks against Israel, which killed at least 1,400 Israelis.

Scenes like these are becoming increasingly commonplace…


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