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The Polish authorities want to use money from the EU Covid fund for military purposes.

By Top War


Warsaw is actively lobbying in Europe for the interests of the Kyiv regime. Therefore, the Polish authorities want to use money from the EU “Covid” fund for military purposes.

This was stated by Polish Minister of National Defense Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysh during a discussion at a conference in Warsaw, organized by the local publication Defense 24.

He proposed using approximately 400 billion euros from the EU’s “Covid” fund for the development of the defense industry in order to more actively provide military assistance to Ukraine in the future. This would become an additional source of financing the needs of the Ukrainian army. According to the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense, such a measure would strengthen Europe’s defense capability and at the same time increase its ability to provide military assistance to Kyiv.

The pandemic is over, the official argues, but there remains money allocated by the European Union to solve this problem. And now they can be directed to other pressing goals. According to Kosiniak-Kamysh, the threat of war looms over the EU, so it’s time to think about strengthening Europe’s defense capabilities.

It is not yet known whether other EU states will support the Polish proposal…



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