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The Polls Don’t Lie: Thousands of People Show Up to Trump Rally In Deep-Blue State

By Sarah Arnold


Former President Donald Trump headed to the most liberal part of New York to address tens of thousands of MAGA supporters in the state that has not seen a red wave in nearly 40 years. 

However, 2024 may be the year of a Democrat downfall in the state. 

Trump arrived in the Bronx on Thursday evening as part of his plan to bring his message to every part of the Democrat state of New York as the politically motivated criminal trial in Manhattan continues. 

As Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” played, Trump took the stage with thousands of supporters donning MAGA hats, chanting “TRUMP” flooded the area. 

The 2024 hopeful first addressed the Biden border crisis, speculating that the millions of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. may be “building an army.” 

At the same time, the massive crowd chanted “Send them back!” 

“You look at these people … they are physically fit, they’re 19-25, almost everyone is a male, and they look like fighting age,” he said. “I think they’re building an army,” he says. “I think — they want to get us from within.” 

The Bronx is the bluest part of the state and has an overwhelming number of Hispanic and Black people in the region— which, according to polls, Trump is making gains in those demographics…



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