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This Is Why Americans Are Arming Up For Bear: Over 100 Million People Have Been Brutally Slaughtered By The Political Philosophy Being Pushed On America By Democrats In 2019

– Every Politician Calling For ‘Socialism’ Is A Fascist Revealing Their True Nature:


By William B. Stoecker – All News Pipeline 
We are assured by the Deep State, academia, and the slimestream media that there is a political spectrum that runs from communism on the left to fascism on the right. Of course, leftists will deny that communism is totalitarian, but reasonably sane people know that it is the most tyrannical system ever devised. This means that the spectrum runs from dictatorship at one end to dictatorship at the other. But this is absurd, for a spectrum, by definition, runs from one extreme to its opposite, as in red to violet, down to up, or dark to light.
Let me propose a very different spectrum: on the left is fascism; on the right is anarchy; in the middle is free enterprise and limited republican government. But wait, you ask, what became of communism?

It’s really very simple. Communism is fascism. Behind all the pretty but nonsensical rhetoric about “from each according to his ability and to each according to his need,” and slogans like “workers of the world unite,” communism is invariably an all-controlling state micro-managing the lives of all the people, who are deprived of their property and their freedom. A small, privileged elite live in luxury and control the state, which owns everything. It always is militaristic; there is always a federal secret police force (like our corrupt and politicized FBI); and it always murders thousands or even tens of millions of its own citizens.“READ MORE…”

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