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Trump Strategist Brad Parscale Unveils ‘Secret Weapon’ For 2024 Election

By Chris Powell


Brad Parscale, known for his innovative approach in Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign victory, is once again making his mark for Trump’s team after a very publicized fall from grace. This time, Parscale has introduced a revolutionary tool — advanced artificial intelligence (AI) — dubbed as a secret weapon for Trump’s 2024 electoral bid.

Brad Parscale, the digital architect of Trump’s 2016 success, is stepping back into the spotlight after a brief retreat from the forefront of politics. With a new initiative, Parscale is harnessing AI’s power to create personalized voter engagement at an unprecedented level.

In a daring blend of artificial intelligence and conservative grit, Parscale’s Campaign Nucleus has emerged as a powerhouse, engineered to craft tailored emails, navigate vast seas of data to pinpoint swing voters, and enhance the reach of “anti-woke” voices online. This comes from an in-depth Associated Press examination of Parscale’s public declarations, along with a trove of previously undisclosed documents from his firm.

“I pretty much used Facebook to get Trump elected in 2016,” Parscale explained back in a 2022 interview…



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