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UN Attacks Stay-At-Home Moms At Conference – But Motherhood Shines Bright (Video)

By Tim Brown 


Kimberly Ells joins me in this episode to talk about a recent conference on women put on by the United Nations in New York. While the focus was on abortion and getting a woman out of the position of a “non-paid childcare provider” and into the workforce away from husband and children, Kimberly and her friends shined the light about the biblical perspective on motherhood and won over a lot of women at the conference. You’re sure to be challenged and edified in this inspiring interview.


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One Comment

  1. Swordslinger Swordslinger April 18, 2024

    Who the hell is the “UN”? I see no reference to it in my constitution and bill of rights or Declaration of Independence. Same with the WEF, IRS, EPA….

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