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UN Climate Chief Says We Have ‘Two Years’ To Save The Planet. Says More Money Is Needed, Increases In ‘Gender Equality’

by Jacob M. Thompson


United Nations Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell said in a speech today, at Chatham House in London, England, that if governments and people of the world don’t put their climate change protocols into high gear now, the world will be ruined in in two years.

The title of his lecture was called “Two Years to Save the World.” Stiell explained “why the next two years are so essential in saving our planet,” and “how there’s no room for half measures.”

One of the things that need to be increased immediately is “a quantum leap in climate finance this year,” Stiell contends. Stiell says, “As of today, national climate plans – called Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs – in aggregate will barely cut emissions at all by 2030.”

Stiell went on to imply that thing defeating climate change outweighs trying to cure pandemics, or ending poverty and hunger, and even suggested that increasing “gender equality” can help in curbing climate change. He stated:

Let’s consider for a moment what is up for grabs if we do make the next two years really count. Bold new national climate plans will be a jobs jackpot and economic springboard to boost countries up that global ladder of living standards.

In the face of crop-destroying droughts, much bolder climate action to curb emissions and help farmers adapt will increase food security and lessen hunger. Cutting fossil fuel pollution will mean better health and huge savings for governments and households alike. The transformative potential of bold climate action – in tandem with steps to advance gender equality – is one of the fastest ways to move away from business as usual…


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