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US government ‘is silently monitoring snake-like UFOs’ seen across the country

EXCLUSIVE: A former police detective believes the US government is well aware of the mysterious objects that have appeared over several different states

The US government is likely aware of the snake-like UFOs that have been spotted across the country and are monitoring them, a former police detective has revealed.

Over the past several months, people from all parts of the US have claimed to have captured bizarre objects in the skies on camera, which bear similarities to snakes in their movement.

The sightings started in June, when a popular YouTuber was shocked to discover a bright light above the Mojave Desert in California.

Since then, they have supposedly been spotted during a meteor shower in Wyoming as well as over New York moving like it was “alive”.

After the sightings exploded, Daily Star Online asked Detective Constable-turned UFO hunter Gary Heseltine his thoughts on the mysterious “craft”.  READ MORE…


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    Google ” Solar Balloons “

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