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US national security demands divestment from Communist China

 Sen. Marco Rubio

A genomics group working to engineer super soldiers for the People’s Liberation Army. A dronemaker whose technology is used to monitor concentration camps. A cloud computing service whose facial recognition software could be adapted to target Uyghur Muslims. All three of these entities are effectively at the beck and call of the Chinese Communist Party. And all three have received billions of American dollars in the form of Wall Street investments.

In October, the Pentagon placed the first two, BGI Group and DGI Sciences and Technologies , on its list of Chinese military companies, rightly removing them from our stock exchanges. But the third, Alibaba, remains open to investment. In fact, financial analysts are actively boosting it . And it’s not alone — scattered across the world, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of CCP-controlled companies being strengthened and supported by U.S. capital…

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