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Wait, So We Never Landed On The Moon?



Earlier today I was joking around on Twitter and I posted this Tweet below…

Read this.

But read it slowly:

If you don’t get it, read it again.

It’s a joke.

A stolen joke, I admit it.

It was a throwaway joke from the inimitable Norm Macdonald.

Miss that guy so much, but at least we have YouTube.

Anyway, back to the serious topic at hand.

While I was joking in the tweet above, a very serious question remains: Did we truly go to the moon back in 1969?

Now you might think that’s a crazy question, but if you start to dig into it you quickly realize there is a very logical, rational, and evidence-based argument to claim that no, we did not.

COULD not have done it even if we wanted to!

So, I wanted to show this interview to you.

This is Patrick Bet David, a guy who I’ve really come to respect.

PBD plays it right down in the middle in this one, challenging his guest Bart Sibrel but doing it respectfully and allowing him to state his case.

And his case is remarkable clear…


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