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Walgreens Plans HUNDREDS of Store Closures Across U.S.

By M Winger 


Well, it seems that Walgreens is the next victim of this current administration.

An administration that lets criminals roam and lets inflation rise.

So, Walgreens is planning to close a “significant share” of their approximately 8,600 U.S. stores.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – what exactly does “significant share” mean?

It’s estimated that nearly 25% of their stores will be gone.

How would this affect it’s competitors?

Competition is good for commerce.

Keeps prices somewhat down, “competitive” as they say.

But if what they become the only pharmacy is town, what’s stopping them from increasing the prices or giving worst service?

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Walgreens will be closing what The Wall Street Journal reports will be a “significant share” of its approximately 8,600 U.S. stores.

The Journal report, from an interview with Walgreens Boots Alliance Chief Executive Officer Tim Wentworth, quoted Wentworth as saying Walgreens would close a “meaningful percent” of underperforming stores over the next several years.

Wentworth indicated Walgreens will also be reducing its investment in Village MD, a primary care provider…


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