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WATCH: Colorado Police Leave Handcuffed Suspect Inside Cruiser on Tracks as Train Approaches…


Police in Colorado made an egregious error after arresting a woman during a road rage incident.

Footage released by the Platteville and Fort Lupton police departments shows a freight train smashing into a parked police cruiser, which was carelessly parked on the train tracks.

The incident occurred on September 16th.

Officers had just detained a woman involved in a road rage incident by handcuffing her in the backseat of the vehicle.

The suspect, 20-year-old Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, was still in the vehicle when the train hit.

After it happened, one officer can be heard asking “Hey, was she in there? Was she in there? Was she in there?”

“Oh my God, yes, she was,” the other officer responded.

Rios-Gonzalez somehow survived the crash, but was treated for numerous injuries.

One of the officers has been placed on paid administrative leave.


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