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WATCH: The Invasion Will Not Be Televised

Border Hawk
By Border Hawk

Watch Border Hawk Editor-in-Chief Dan Lyman’s full speech and presentation at the VDARE 2024 Conference in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Full transcript courtesy of VDARE Editor Peter Brimelow: I said when I was introducing Keith Woods that one of the great things about getting old is you find a lot of younger and betterer people coming along. And Dan Lyman, who runs Border Hawk, is another example of this.

Border Hawk is essentially a news aggregator, but it also does original reporting. And this model is what I was repeatedly told I should adopt at as a line extension. But we never had the bandwidth.

So as I said, Dan is a lot younger than I am. He’s a bit older than Keith, but he and his wife are having their second child soon. [Applause] Take that, Great Replacement!

Thank you, Dan. [Laughter]

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