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WATCH: Trump Lawyer Alina Habba Reveals Shocking Details About Jury In His Trial

By Chris Powell


In a Manhattan courtroom on Monday, jury selection commenced in the historic criminal trial of former U.S. President Donald J. Trump, marking the first such trial of an American president. As the proceedings began, a significant number of the initial jury pool were quickly excused. Over half of the first 96 prospective jurors were dismissed after expressing their doubts about their impartiality.

Amid unfolding legal dramas involving Trump, significant concerns have been raised by his legal team regarding the impartiality of jury selections. At the heart of the concerns is the involvement of individuals who may have affiliations with the Biden campaign, potentially influencing the fairness of the trial outcomes.

Alina Habba, Trump’s legal spokeswoman, voiced these concerns starkly in an interview with Benny Johnson. The conversation on Monday dove into the mechanics of jury selection and the critical issues at stake. Johnson set the tone early in the discussion, questioning the integrity of the upcoming jury pools by labeling them as “absolutely ratchet,” a sentiment that Habba echoed with concerns over potential bias.

The conversation then took a reflective turn to past legal precedents, notably the O.J. Simpson case, to illustrate their worries about juror impartiality. Johnson remarked, “We’ve just been covering OJ’s death, and there were all these jurors…they’re saying, we knew he killed everyone.” Habba alluded to the specific restrictions placed by Judge Merchan during the jury selection process, which she argued could severely impact the defense’s ability to ensure a fair trial…


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