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WEF plans to smother covid and climate change information that doesn’t favour their false narratives


At the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) 2023 annual meeting, countering misinformation is a key agenda.  WEF claims a “wide range of actors with access to sophisticated technology and weaponry, as well as an ever-increasing capacity to spread misinformation” is a threat.

WEF hasn’t defined the misinformation it’s targeting, but it likely includes criticism of the WEF and challenges to mainstream covid-19 narratives.

In 2022, WEF held Sustainable Development Impact Meetings that also featured panels on “tackling disinformation.”  Among the participants were the United Nations, which noted it had partnered with Big Tech giants like Google and TikTok to censor the narrative on environmental issues and covid-19.

It’s important to not forget about the children and protect them from being indoctrinated by WEF’s nefarious schemes.

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