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What Happened Today Shows How Cozy CA Dems and (Some) Republicans Are With Illegal Alien Pedophiles

By Jennifer Oliver O’Connell

Last Wednesday, California Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R-Riverside) announced that he would push for a floor vote on AB2641, which would end the sanctuary state protections for criminal illegals who have prior convictions of sex crimes against minors. Reginald Jones-Sawyer, the egregious chair of the Public Safety Committee, is a supposed social justice warrior who is pro-criminal and pro-illegal alien. Jones-Sawyer’s most recent play was to push through AB2031, which sought to change the laws on how public funds were used in order to spend it on the defense of illegal criminals. After much public outcry, Jones-Sawyer pulled the bill.

In 2023, Jones-Sawyer was behind the block of SB14, which sought to change the legal definition of human trafficking from a misdemeanor to a felony. Jones-Sawyer killed the bill in committee, and had it not been for the intervention of Governor Gavin Newsom, it would have stayed dead. The bill was given a floor vote, was approved by the full legislature that September, and Newsom signed it into law. It is Jones-Sawyer who has allowed AB2641 to languish in committee because it appears he loves criminal illegals more than he loves doing what is right.

In forcing a floor vote, Essayli wanted the Democrats to go on record that they supported these policies that allow criminal illegals who target minors to have carte blanche to travel throughout the state to continue committing crimes.

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