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‘You are a liar, a thief, and a villain’: Biden scorched for absurd claim

By Bob Unruh


Joe asserts: ‘Wages are rising faster than prices’

Perhaps it was an untrained intern, perhaps not, but the claim comes out of Joe Biden’s campaign for re-election and it’s getting scorched online.

It’s the wild statement that “Wages are rising faster than prices” and “We’re making real progress.”

The campaign actually said, “Wages are rising faster than prices, incomes are higher than before the pandemic, and unemployment has remained below 4% for the longest stretch in 50 years. We have more to do to lower costs for hardworking families, but we’re making real progress.”

Of course, not mentioned was the fact that inflation since Biden took office, of some 19%, is hitting Americans hard, as wages have not risen nearly that fast.

The reaction was, well, negative.

It was NewsnationNow that reported, “For most of the Biden presidency — every month from April 2021 to April 2023 — price increases have outpaced wage growth, eating away at consumers’ purchasing power…



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