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Zelensky: I can’t judge the role of Abrams tanks on the battlefield, because we have few of them

By Top War


The head of the Kyiv regime confirmed that Ukraine had received a shipment of American tanks Abrams. Speaking with reporters from African media, Zelensky said that the Abrams had indeed already been delivered to Ukraine. At the same time, he made several significant remarks.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have many different tanks. And Abrams is no exception. This is a good tank, but the problem is that we don’t have enough of them.

According to the head of the Kiev regime, he hopes to further deepen cooperation with Western partners to increase the volume of supplies of such tanks, but for now he states the fact that “it is generally difficult to judge what role Abrams tanks play on the battlefield.”


I can’t judge this because there are very few of these tanks.

Let us recall that earlier the United States promised to supply several batches of its Abrams, the first of which, according to some sources, included 10, according to others, 14 units. Previously, there was evidence that American tanks were delivered to Ukraine, but there was no evidence that they were thrown into battle.

The President of Ukraine did not discuss how much the supply of Leopard and Challenger tanks helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The British, we recall, supplied Kyiv with 14 of their tanks. At least two of them were destroyed by Russian troops during the battle. The number of destroyed Leopards in various modifications is in the dozens.


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