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Zionist Mob Screaming “SECOND NAKBA” Attacks Gaza Solidarity Protesters – Who Are The Aggressors, Again? (Video)

By Tim Brown 


I confess that sometimes you wonder who the real aggressors are in the entire Gaza/Israel conflict especially, in light of the fact that Hamas was basically created and controlled by Israel.  So, what makes anyone think that Hamas is not still being controlled by Israel to advance a false narrative in order to kill more people and acquire more land?  That is the goal of Zionism.  However, recently, there was a group of protesters on behalf of the people in Gaza who were attacked by a pro-Zionist mob, but you probably didn’t see this in the Mockingbird media.

People who support Israel’s genocide in Gaza are now threatening protesters by calling for a “second Nakba,” meaning another ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

For months, we were told that Israel is not committing genocide in Gaza, and that this is all just about rooting out Hamas. Now, the true Zionist colors are shining as those who “support Israel” reveal that what they really wanted all along is for every last Palestinian person to be expelled from the land that Israel is claiming as its own.

At the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Zionist thugs were seen violently attacking Gaza solidarity protesters while screaming the words “SECOND NAKBA!” at their targets…



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