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‘It’s Just Malpractice’: Democrats Across America Know Damn Well Biden Is an Albatross Around Their Necks

By Mike Miller


Memo to my Democrat friends:

You do know you’re in big trouble, right? I mean, the “Joe thing.” Even if you believe every bit of the nonsense you profess to believe, you know that Joe Biden isn’t exactly your best messenger. At what point do you throw the guy overboard and look for a viable 2024 alternative? We hope you don’t, of course.

Irrespective of the current state of gutter politics on both sides of the political chasm — and if you disagree that it exists on both sides of the aisle, you’re part of the problem — the left’s nonsensical support of Joe Biden is unequaled in modern times.

That said, with less than a year to go before the 2024 presidential election, the reality for Democrats is that the mere thought of Joe Biden as their standard-bearer strikes fears into the hearts of our leftist pals across the fruited plain. They won’t admit it, of course — leftists never admit reality — but we know they’re scared as hell…


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