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“Let’s go to Victory!”: military correspondent Sladkov made a brief overview of the situation on the fronts of the Northern Military District

By Top War


There are no particularly significant events in the special operation zone, but this does not mean there is a lull. Russian units continue their hard and painstaking work on the front line.

Military correspondent Alexander Sladkov in his Telegram channel made a brief overview of the current situation on the fronts of the Northern Military District.

In his opinion, despite a lot of difficulties, initiative and success are on the side of the Russian troops.

Sladkov characterizes the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kherson region on the left bank of the Dnieper as a “Vietnamese option.” He compares them to the tactics used during the Vietnam War, where one soldier was deliberately wounded and then everyone who came to his aid was shot. The military correspondent believes that the Ukrainian units were deliberately allowed to cross to the left bank of the river, they were blocked there, but they were not trying to destroy them. Instead, all the efforts of the Russian Armed Forces are focused on those who are trying to help them by crossing from the right bank.

At the same time, the Ukrainian units holding Avdiivka are being destroyed. The ring of encirclement is closing more and more tightly around them. Similar actions are being taken in the Artemovsk direction. The Ukrainian Armed Forces group located here is not allowed to provide assistance to the Avdeevka garrison, that is, events in different areas are closely related.

Sladkov noted that in response to the use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian army, Russian troops also began to use such weapons in the area of ​​Staromayorsky and Urozhayny in the South Donetsk direction…


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