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12 April 2023: Caravan To Midnight – Green Energy & the Petrodollar

#CTM Tonight
Topic: Green Energy & the Petrodollar
Start: 8:30pm CDT


2016 Green Energy The Petrodollar | Caravan to Midnight (



David Morgan
Twitter: @silverguru22


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  1. Ventriloquist Kriket Ventriloquist Kriket April 13, 2023

    I get it now. David Morgan said main purpose of covid was to ruin small businesses and give it all to the big corporations. This is what they did to the snall dairy and tobacco farmers, put them out of business in favor of the big operations, like the dairy with 20,000 milk cows, 18,000 of which perished in the Texas fire of recent. And now that think back on it wouldn’t be surprised that the DDT ban hurt the Salk polio vaccine, which I had just taken in grade school, saying DDT was the causative agent of polio, was part of the plan to hurt small farming operations, and because felt and smelled it many times trying to hoe tobacco while crop dusters were spraying the stuff, and I didn’t get the affliction back in the 1950’s. So we had to walk the tobacco rows looking for tobacco worms, pick them off and crush them, because they could strip a tobacco plant in a very short time. Some worm pickers pinched the heads off, others pulled them off, and a few bit them off.

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