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As Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage Continues, Mothers Are Connecting Online to Help Each Other

By Patricia Tolson

Jessica Johnson of Superior, Wisconsin, recently traveled to six different stores, crossing over into Duluth, Minnesota, in search of baby formula. When she returned home, she posted photos of empty shelves from different stores on social media.

“The day I posted that, my mom, dad, and I all got in the car and went on a search for my daughter’s formula,” Johnson told The Epoch Times. “She’s on a specific formula for sensitive stomachs. She has reflux and an allergy.”

Johnson is one of thousands of parents across the country struggling to find formula for her baby amid a nationwide shortage that’s led to empty shelves and growing panic.

Johnson said she did breastfeed for about a month when her daughter was first born, but the baby’s digestive system was even too sensitive for that…

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One Comment

  1. grannie annie grannie annie May 13, 2022

    Oh wow – make their own as we did.. half canned milk n sterilized water (boiled) little dectrose n corn syrup. clean n sterize bottles as we did jars – wash n put in heated oven for a while n put in milk formula n seal with top n nipple down. If older mix apple jice 50% sterlized water…
    Gosh dependance on products is so silly. Nursing is best for long time then juice mixed with water. So different today?

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