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Childish ‘Kidults’ Drive The Toy Industry By Overdosing On Nostalgia


Being a child is very different today than it was before the internet consumed humanity. Like so many of us, children spend an excessive amount of time online. Some spend dozens of hours each week immersed in virtual worlds. Actual toys simply can’t compete with the allure of digital devices. The toy industry, very much in trouble, is in desperate need of saving.

In fact, if it weren’t for adults, the toy industry would be all but done. Yes, adults. You see, across the U.S., from Boston to Bakersfield, adults, most of them young men, are purchasing toys in record numbers. Not for their children’s use but for their own.

In the run-up to the recent Christmas holidays, CNBC published an interesting story on the state of the U.S. toy industry, referencing a distinct consumer group known as “kidults.” According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a kidult is an “adult who likes doing or buying things that are intended for children.” In other words, these are people who prefer to act their shoe size rather than their age. They are kids at heart, all day, every day, for eternity…

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