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German Woman Imprisoned for ‘Offending’ Migrant Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse

By Brett T. 

As this editor has reported in a number of VIP posts, Europe has a migrant problem. Recently, an Afghan migrant in Germany killed a police officer with a knife and wounded five others at an “anti-Islam” rally. As we’ve reported, Europe and the U.K. have become especially concerned with the well-being of migrants from Muslim countries. Scotland’s new hate speech law forbids making fun of or criticizing migrants; you can be imprisoned even for forwarding a social media post or meme that does so.

We’re back in Germany, and there’s still a migrant problem:

This is a brutal read from The Publica:

The horrific assault took place in 2020, and involved multiple groups of migrant men independently attacking a 14-year-old girl in Hamburg’s Stadtpark over the course of one night. The park had become a popular hang-out spot for youth during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and the girl had been there drinking with her friends. But they became scattered after police swept the park and broke up groups while enforcing social distancing measures.

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