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Precedent: U.S. Has Legal Standing To Recoup $1.6 Trillion Debt China Owes America By Seizing Chinese Assets Including Real Property, ‘Chinese-Owned’ American Farmland, ‘Chinese-Owned’ Businesses In U.S, (e.g., Smithfield) – The American Report

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | December 6, 2021

The United States can and should recoup $1.6 trillion in twentieth-century bond debt that China still legally owes to American citizens by immediately seizing ‘Chinese-owned’ property inside the United States, including American farmland purchased by Chinese interests, a Chinese-owned wind farm in Texas adjacent to Laughlin U.S. Air Force base, Chinese-owned businesses in the U.S. such as Smithfield Farms, and other Chinese-owned assets in the United States.

According to Fox Business “There’s international precedent for such a move: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered Beijing in 1987 to make good on the bonds owned by Brits or lose access to the British capital markets.”

In 1987 China’s government capitulated, and paid 23.5 million pounds to the British.

China is a malign actor and since 1987 has only become more so.

Red China is our adversary. China is not our ally. China is not our friend.

Red China is the same bad actor that released a bioweapon on America and the world and has yet to admit it….READ FULL ARTICLE HERE… – The American Report

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