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South Africa & the United States of America Parallels in Tyranny, Terror, and Subversion — Do We Learn from or Repeat History?

By Edward L. Haugland

Naked Lines Friday – John B Wells LIVE

A mind-blowing interview with Mrs. Brendi Wells and Ed Haugland on the parallels in Communist takeover in South Africa, and now the United States.  JB Wells was gracious enough to put up the full video interview which starts at 2:58:00 on the link above. Thank you Brendi and John! @JohnBWells @realMaryFanning 

Also on the National Security Hour- on the American Out Loud Radio Network!

My weekly broadcast, 7PM Eastern Tuesdays, on the National Security Hour, and much more here where the audio only version is available:

In this episode of the National Security Hour, the host Edward Haugland, speaks with Mrs. Brendi Wells about her experiences growing up in South Africa and the eventual subversion, and take over, of that country communists and the parallels she sees with what is happening today in the United States of America (USA).

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