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The William Tell Overture & the MAGA Finale [Part 2]

By Godtype

Parallels of William Tell’s Populist Uprising to the Donald J Trump Upcoming Possible Arrest. The STORM(Y) has Arrived, Time for Americas Cavalry (Populace+military) to bring down an oppressive state!

Beloved, as usual this is a working research essay, Warts and All! Please feel free to provide comments, additional research, corrections etc.


Parallels of the William Tell Swiss Rebellion with Donald J. TRUMP and America today.

  1. It is not a Coincidence That Davos Switzerland was the Elitest choice for complete takeover and Central Headquarters / implementation of their Satanic Plans!
  2. The Villain of the Tell Story is a wealthy Foreigner causing havoc and supporting the Rich Elitest and Corrupt Government of the Swiss Confederation. Gessler= Soros.
  3. Tell is asked to bow to Gesslers Symbols? He Refuses! (Think Rainbow Flags, Ukranian Flags, and Antifa symbols)
  4. The Elites and Gessler go after Tell’s son (Trump mentions the government going after Trump jr. At every event) The Corrupt government Threatening William tell’s Son with Death at the hand of Tell himself, correlates with the corrupt Soros backed DA’S THREATENING Don Jr due to His only “being the son of his Father”.
  5. There is a miraculous “storm” (A bad and dangerous situation that actually saves him?)

    Stormy Daniel nearly brought down his first Election.

  6. Tell carries 2 Arrows in his Quiver. One to save his son. and himself at his FIRST confrontation with the Corrupt Elitest. One to put in Gesslers heart. He is unable to do this at the first meeting. Yet He survives. The population and the Soldiers have yet to fully back him!
  7. Trump is being forced to Submit to the Corrupt state a second time. (Who paid off the NY D.A.?)
  8. The Brunson V Adams case (Trumpet players famous for playing the William Tell Overture was innitially accepted on the Sunday following WILLIAM TELL DAY!

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