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VIDEO: Rescued Baby Elephant Refuses to Go to Sleep, Adorably Protests Bedtime



rescued elephant calf, found as a days-old orphan in Kenya, has become a colorful character at her sanctuary home. One funny video of the calf’s antics went viral, after she refused to go to sleep one night and was caught on camera trying to clamber out of her stable for extra playtime.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, based in Nairobi, told The Epoch Times that the elephant calf, named Kinyei, is a “very determined character and likes to live life her own way.”

In November 2021, three years after Kinyei was rescued, the trust filmed a video of the calf after she had drunk her evening milk bottles and shared it on Facebook. “Kinyei is simply not ready to go to sleep!” they wrote.

“Her best friends are already tucked in next door and the nursery is quieting down … but this fun-loving girl saw her window of opportunity to protest bedtime, and she climbed right through it!”



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