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Why Trump Must Run

by J.R. Dunn

The final take on the disastrous Mar-a-Lago raid and its noxious aftermath – the latest in a series of “killing blows” aimed at Donald Trump and the movement he created — is that Trump must run once again for president and must win. The logic behind this is simple: the Deep State, in its slow, dull-witted, and utterly inept way, is making its big move, and Trump is the only visible figure who can stand against this. The Left is well aware of this, and is terrified.

Consider the timeline: on August 7, the Senate passed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” dramatically expanding government spending, including doubling the size of the IRS. The next day, Mar-a-Lago was raided, permanently rupturing the modus vivendi that has underlain the American political system since its founding. Two days later, it was revealed that the drastically expanded IRS was looking to hire gunmen “willing to use lethal force.” Two days after that, the inflation act was passed by the House.

In due time, we got Biden’s Demon Lord speech, which cast over half the populace as enemies of the state, to the delight of the hard Left, followed by Countess Hochula, speaking from her castle deep in the Adirondacks banning Republicans from her realm…

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