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“It will be comparable to the Russian S-400”: India is creating a new long-range anti-aircraft system Kusha

By Top War


The Indian government has approved the development of a new anti-aircraft system of the LR-SAM type, that is, long range. Its creation will be carried out within the framework of the Kusha project. The new air defense system must be able to cope with threats such as stealth fighters, conventional aircraft, UAVs, cruise missiles and high-precision munitions.

In terms of interception capabilities, the new long-range system will be comparable to the Russian S-400 air defense system – noted in The Economic Times.

The new complex, located on a mobile platform, will include long-range surveillance and fire control radars. It will be equipped with various types of interceptor missiles that can hit enemy targets at distances of 150 km (destroying UAVs, missiles), 250 km (anti-fighter aircraft) and 350 km (destruction of AWACS aircraft and tankers), the government report said.

This will be an on-site air defense system responsible for covering “strategically and tactically vulnerable areas.” The probability of hitting the target should be at least 80% with a single missile and at least 90% with a salvo of missiles fired…


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