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Ancient Towers as Antennas

By Fake History


The antenna is a transceiver (receiver and transmitter) of energy. In my book The Electromagnetic Self, I looked at the human body and especially the spine as a transceiver. I believe similar applies to buildings. We’re told that these cathedrals, temples, pagodas, stupas, churches, mosques and synagogues are just ornamental, aesthetic, artistic, without an added functional purpose.

To probe this belief, let’s first look at modern high-energy generators.

High-Energy Generators

This is a Marx Generator. “Marx generators generate a high-voltage pulse from a low-voltage DC supply, and they are used in high-energy physics experiments, as well as to simulate the effects of lightning on products such as power-line switchgear and aviation equipment“. Source.

The generator is a “cascaded series of repeated spark-gap, resistor, and capacitor stages” …


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