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DOJ Claims “They Don’t Have” Original Flynn 302 After Attorney Sidney Powell Points Out Discrepancies in Underlying Notes Taken by FBI Agents

On Tuesday General Flynn and his attorney Sidney Powell attended a scheduled conference with US District Judge Emmet Sullivan to discuss Flynn’s cooperation with prosecutors and whether the two sides are ready to set a sentencing date.

During the hearing on Tuesday, Sidney Powell told the Court that she identified differences in the 302s and the notes and materials underlying the 302s taken by FBI agents during their January 24th ambush interview with Flynn.

A 302 report is used by the FBI to summarize notes taken while interviewing a subject and must be submitted within 5 days of the interview, according to FBI rules.

“[We’ve] identified material differences between the agents’ notes from their interviews of Mr. Flynn on the 24th and the 302 they produced.”

The DOJ claimed they don’t have the original Flynn 302.

“They say they don’t have it, but it would certainly be in the FBI’s computer system. Things don’t disappear like that. So that still needs to be produced,” Sidney Powell argued to the Court.


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