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New California Bill Adds COVID-19 Vaccine to Long List of Required Inoculations for School Children


On Monday, a far-reaching bill was introduced in California that would require all students to be fully immunized for COVID-19 before they can attend public schools in the once-golden state. Senate Bill 871, authored by state Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), adds COVID-19 vaccines to the long list of inoculations required for students to attend PreK-12 public schools in California.

What’s worse is SB-871 also expands Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s existing and onerous COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students by removing the personal belief exemption. As written, SB-871’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement can only be bypassed if a student receives a rare and bonafide medical exemption. Up to this point, California parents who refused to vaccinate their children could instead sign them up for an independent home-based learning program. It is, however, unclear if that program will continue and if Newsom can remove the personal belief exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination without the California Legislature acting first…


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