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Teen Found Guilty Of Driving Away After Hitting Mom And Infant With Vehicle Is Shot To Death After He’s Given Ridiculous Sentence By Leftist LA DA

By 100PercentFedUp

In August 2021, a woman wishing to be known simply as “Rachel” was struck by a teen driver. She was walking her baby in a stroller and was plowed into by a youth who was found to have drugs in his system and marijuana in the vehicle. Kristopher Baca, the 15-year-old driving the vehicle, was racing in the wrong direction down a one-way street and, after plowing into the mom and child, sped away without checking to see if either victim was okay. Baca was already on probation for poisoning a teen girl’s drink.

The viral video shows the teen “mowing down a mom & her infant in Venice”…”He was recently released after receiving a light 5-7 month sentence in juvie camp after LA-DA prosecution.”

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