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Video Shows Climate Activists Struggling To Respond After Their Own Hypocrisy Is Pointed Out

Nothing holds together a climate change protest like products made from fossil fuels and activists who rely upon them in their daily lives.

That, at least, is what a video made by the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill and posted on YouTube seems to illustrate.

Hamill went to a Washington, D.C., climate change protest on Friday to ask protesters about their “climate change sins” and the contrast between their words and actions.

One argued that holding protesters accountable for using plastic to protest the use of plastic and fossil fuels was a “short-term myopic vision.”

Another said that using plastic was simply an inevitable consequence of buying just about anything in a store, and said that he wanted the world to move to a system where shoppers bring their own containers to carry things away, “like they did in the old days.”


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